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Individual Client Proposal

Proposal for:


SABRE Financial Services (SFS) is excited to present a proposal for CLIENT NAME HERE offering comprehensive Wealth Management Services that focus on personal consulting and advisory services in the areas of financial planning, wealth management, and risk management & insurance services.

The Opportunity

Financial Planning

  • Focused financial plan modules and analysis covering:
    • Cash flow planning
    • Education Planning
    • Retirement goals
    • Insurance (Life, Long-Term Care, etc.)
    • Estate planning goals
    • Other “Life Planning” goals including charitable giving, enhancing quality of life, and legacy planning
    • Additional consulting and advisory services for who own all or part of one or more business interests
  • Consolidated viewing of all accounts, liabilities, and insurance policies
  • Detailed spending and budget analysis
  • Incorporate portfolio models and risk levels with the financial plan to enhance realistic goals and objectives
  • On-going review of financial plan analysis based on individual retirement and cash flow needs

Wealth Management

  • Risk analysis to determine appropriate Asset Allocation
    • Drive expected rate of return for FP projection
    • Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Discuss optimal Investment style
    • Passive vs. Active
    • Cost analysis
  • Pre-tax vs. After-Tax (IRA vs. ROTH)
  • Layer in an added level of Risk mitigation
    • Stop losses
    • Cov. Call writing
  • Conflict free environment

Risk Management & Insurance Services

  • Life Insurance Planning
    • Term Insurance
    • Permanent Insurance – Fixed, Index and Variable, as well as institutional and/or private placement products when applicable
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Disability Insurance Planning
  • Estate Planning with Life Insurance
  • Investing with Life Insurance and annuities
    • Insurance as an alternative asset class
    • High cash-value Life Insurance – COLI and individually owned COLI; After-tax planning; Insurance-based retirement plans;
    • Variable and Index Annuities- with downside market protection

The Solution

  • One-on-one updating and review of financial plan data CHOOSE HOW OFTEN per year
  • Quarterly Investment reviews & and calls as often as monthly (if/when needed)
  • Personal client login to financial planning software
    • This will allow CLIENT NAME HERE to view all of their accounts, liabilities, and insurance policies in one place. In addition, they are able to run personalized reports and add/remove goals and objectives.
  • Collaborate with advisors (CPA, Attorneys, etc.) to provide advice and recommendations that are in line with CLIENT’s NAME HERE goals
    Measure and illustrate the real impact and value of participating in various plans, programs and strategies; and determine the optimal mix that is realistic in terms of cash flow and other factors
  • SABRE Financial to provide executive summaries to CLIENT NAME HERE of info and options on a go-forward basis, for ease of understanding and to facilitate decision making and execution


[Provide background information, including a brief background on your company and your understanding of the client’s needs and specific issues to be addressed. You may also choose to include the results of any related research, project history, and additional factors that impact the client’s needs, such as socio-economic trends or impending regulations.

Show your understanding of the benefits the client can expect. For example, describe the risks--what might be lost--if appropriate action is not taken and compare this to the benefits they can achieve with a positive course of action. If applicable, identify potential areas of concern for the client and how you can address them. Such items may be fundamental issues that appear trivial, but are often overlooked by competing proposals.

Describe how your capabilities and proposed solution align with the client’s goals for the project, including how your qualifications can uniquely address the current opportunity.]


To better serve CLIENT NAME HERE we will also utilize both proprietary and industry respected services, including:

  • E*Money Financial Planning & Consolidated Financial Reporting
  • ORION Performance Reporting
  • Morningstar investment analytical software
  • SABRE customized educational curriculum materials 
  • Social Security Analytical Software
  • And more…


The following table details the pricing for delivery of the services outlined in this proposal. This pricing is valid for <## days> from the date of this proposal:
<Sample> Disclaimer: The prices listed above are an estimate for the services discussed. This summary is not a warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before a contract is executed.


SABRE Financial Services (SFS) will continue to meet and exceed your expectations with the highest level of integrity and quality of work with the commitment to this engagement from our four Principals:

  • Blair A. Van Buren, President, Lead Corporate Consultant; Securities Licenses Series 7 & 66; CA Insurance License 0E00706; Certificates as Retirement Planning Associate (RPA) and Compensation Management Specialist (CMS)
  • Shawn M. Warren, VP & Treasurer, Lead Wealth Management Advisor, Securities Licenses Series 6, 7, 63 & 66;
  • Armand “Ari” Fidler, CFP ®, VP & Lead Risk Management & Insurance Services Advisor, Securities Licenses Series 7 & 66; California Insurance License # 0G61855
  • Ryan Badger, VP & Corp Secretary, Lead Financial Planning Advisor, Securities Licenses Series 7 & 66; California Insurance License # 0G88049


We look forward to working with CLIENT NAME HERE in being a valued resource for their financial future.

If you have questions on this proposal, feel free to contact our team at (800) 981-4891, or by email at EMAIL ADDRESS OF LEAD PRINCIPAL/S HERE. We will be in touch with you to arrange a follow-up conversation on the proposal.

Thank you for your consideration,

Blair A. Van Buren 
President I Corporate Consultant I Financial Advisor

Ari Fidler CFP®
VP I Financial Consultant

Shawn M. Warren
VP I Financial Advisor

Ryan Badger
VP I Financial Consultant