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Business Client Proposal


SABRE Financial Services (SFS) is pleased to submit this proposal for services to support CLIENT NAME HERE with business consulting and advisory services in the areas of compensation & benefits, wealth management, risk management and insurance services, and personal financial planning.

The Objective

  • PROTECT the business interests and GROW the company value
  • ALIGN the employees’ compensation, benefits and rewards programs with the goals and direction of ownership/management
  • MEET & EXCEED the needs of the employees and the goals of ownership/management with a comprehensive and holistic approach to business and personal planning
  • IMPLEMENT new Strategies, Plans, and Programs selected by CLIENT NAME HERE
  • SERVICE & SUPPORT on an ongoing basis of the Strategies, Plans, and Programs currently in place, and those that may be implemented going forward

The Opportunity

  • Goal #1: Enhance the effectiveness of the CLIENT NAME HERE 401k PSP with increased (a) participant education and support, (b) plan-level admin and fiduciary support, (c) performance of the Plan assets, and (d) decreased Plan fees and expenses
  • Goal #2: Develop, implement, and maintain an investment strategy across the various company programs, accounts & personal plans that is consistent with the Client’s risk/reward profile, relative to each plan/account type and time horizon
  • Goal #3: Revive & provide a higher level of service the corporate 529 college savings plan
  • Goal #4: Review & continue to service the CAC After-Tax Plan w/ Nationwide
  • Goal #5: Explore and review potential added benefits that can retain, attract & motivate employees with little or no costs to the employer or in some cases save the employer dollars.
  • Goal #6: Organize the Client’s savings and wealth accumulation plan/accounts between short-term, intermediate -term, and long-term goals and objectives, and align the investment allocations respectively; build-out the intermediate-term savings and investment plan/account/s
  • Goal #7: Establish and implement that game plan specifically for the support of the captive plan administration requirements, and the captive corporate investment account management

The Solution

  • Recommendation #1: On-site employee education and plan enrollment meetings 1 – 4 times a year, lead at different times by Blair, Shawn, Ari and Ryan, along with support from various Plan Providers
  • Recommendation #2: On-site owner/fiduciary/Trustee meetings once or twice a year, coordinated by a combination of Blair, Shawn, Ari and Ryan, along with support from respective Plan Providers
  • Recommendation #3: Full fund review on the 401k investment options at PLAN PROVIDER NAME HERE, AND update the Plan from commissioned-based to RIA/level-fee based pricing utilizing PLAN PROVIDER NAME HERE Plan Expense Account (PEA) pricing
  • Recommendation #4: Enhance the Asset Management services with the pooled PSP assets at Schwab, AND direct-held and/or legacy assets in REITs and CARRIER NAME HERE annuity/ies;
  • Recommendation #5: After-Tax Plan
  • Recommendation #6: Select a new Corporate 529 College Savings Plan provider and re-roll out the Plan
  • Recommendation #7: Support the current and ongoing risk management and insurance needs of your business and personal interests, including Key-Man Planning, Buy/Sell Planning, and FEASIBILITY STUDY AND/OR ON-GOING support of your self-insurance strategy / captive insurance company.
  • Recommendation #8: Improved Financial Planning Services for CLIENT NAME HERE (and offered on an elective basis, with group discounts to employees), to model the cash flow, along with the tax planning needs and wealth accumulation and protection goals, utilizing both personal and business planning strategies, and collaborating with your tax and legal advisors


[Provide background information, including a brief background on your company and your understanding of the client’s needs and specific issues to be addressed. You may also choose to include the results of any related research, project history, and additional factors that impact the client’s needs, such as socio-economic trends or impending regulations.

Show your understanding of the benefits the client can expect. For example, describe the risks--what might be lost--if appropriate action is not taken and compare this to the benefits they can achieve with a positive course of action. If applicable, identify potential areas of concern for the client and how you can address them. Such items may be fundamental issues that appear trivial, but are often overlooked by competing proposals.

Describe how your capabilities and proposed solution align with the client’s goals for the project, including how your qualifications can uniquely address the current opportunity.]

The Principals of SABRE Financial Services propose to deliver the same great, pro-active, and comprehensive services to CLIENT NAME HERE, to-and-through their business interests in COMPANY NAME HERE, as we already have, individually, for the last 6 to 20 years, respectively; And we propose to deliver these business consulting and advisory services with more direct access and more collaboration with you, as our clients, as well as with your tax, legal and other advisors; And with more competitive pricing.

We have developed solutions and proven strategies to help businesses grow and……

We are ready and eager to:

  • Help close-out 2015 and start/continue the planning for 2016 on the PLAN NAME HERE, including customized planning for CLIENT NAME HERE with regards to the amounts and timing of their 401k contributions for themselves, and the PSP contributions from COMPANY NAME HERE.
  • Provide a higher level of on-site support and services on existing benefits offered by the Client & serviced by SABRE but also tools, resources and information to help educate employees on various other financial disciplines.
  • Confirm that the PLAN NAME HERE Plan Document restatement is completed and all compliance related aspects of the Plan are in good order
  • Conduct a full fund review of the 401k funds at PLAN PROVIDER NAME HERE, convert to PEA pricing, and reduce the Plan Fees
  • Enhance the asset management on the pooled PSP AND/OR PENSION and Reduce the asset management fee for actively managed assets at Schwab to _1.15%__..
  • Revitalize the planning and utilization of the After-Tax Plan
  • Re-Roll-out the Corporate 529 College Savings Plan
  • Deliver the Financial Planning Service with a focus on projecting and managing cash flow, in a customized and comprehensive, yet understandable and actionable way, to maximize the achievable value of your business and personal planning.
    - WHAT ELSE?


[Describe your reasons for developing the project as you have proposed it. You may need to justify why you have chosen your unique approach. Consider including the following points in your rationale.]

  • Research
  • Market opportunities
  • Alignment with mission
  • Current resources/technology

Execution Strategy

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables. Following is a description of our project methods, including how the project will be developed, a proposed timeline of events, and reasons for why we suggest developing the project as described.

[Summarize your strategy based on your research into the client’s needs, your experience in providing similar services to other clients, etc.]

Technical/Project Approach

[Describe the details of how the project will be managed from start to finish. This will include your specific methodologies for completing deliverables, project management tools and techniques, communications with the client, methods to evaluate and mitigate risk, and how the project will be evaluated.]


[Describe the resources you have in place or plan to acquire, such as qualified contractors, facilities, and technology.]

A team of experienced advisors with over 50 years of experience to service the Client and its employee at different levels across multiple disciplines in financial services. To better serve the Client beyond the resources already provided by the plan administrators, we will also utilize both proprietary and industry respected services, including:

  • Morningstar investment analytical software
  • Fi 360 fiduciary insights
  • SABRE customized educational curriculum materials
  • Saving for college analytical software
  • Various 401(k) benchmarking tools
  • Education & communication tools
  • And more…

Project Deliverables

Following is a complete list of all project deliverables:
Deliverable Description
<Deliverable #1> <Brief description>

Timeline for Execution

[Summarize the timeline of project-related events from start to finish.]

Key project dates are outlined below. Dates are best-guess estimates and are subject to change until a contract is executed.

[In the table that follows, include all important dates related to the project, broken down by date and duration. The descriptions shown are for illustration purposes only: replace them with meaningful descriptions related to your project. Items can include such things as payment and project milestones, installation schedules, meetings, or reviews.]

Description Start Date End Date Duration
<Project Start>
<Milestone 1>
<Milestone 2>
<Phase 1 Complete>
<Milestone 3>
<Milestone 4>
<Phase 2 Complete>
<Milestone 5>
<Milestone 6>
<Project End>

Supplied Material

The following materials are to be supplied by CLIENT NAME HERE for this project. For SABRE Financial Services (SFS) to meet project milestones, this material must be supplied on schedule. The due dates included in the following table represent our best guess based on current proposed project dates:

Materials to be supplied by CLIENT NAME HERE

Due Date*

*We cannot be responsible for cost overruns caused by client’s failure to deliver materials by agreed-upon due dates.


[Describe the results expected from the project and why your approach will achieve those results.]

We expect our proposed solution to CLIENT NAME HERE’s requirements to provide the following results:

Financial Benefits

  • <Result #1: Brief description of desired result>
  • <Result #2: Brief description of desired result>

Technical Benefits

  • <Result #1: Brief description of desired result>
  • <Result #2: Brief description of desired result>

Other Benefits

[Use this section to describe less tangible benefits such as increased morale or improved customer satisfaction.]


The following table details the pricing for delivery of the services outlined in this proposal. This pricing is valid for <## days> from the date of this proposal:

<Sample> Disclaimer: The prices listed above are an estimate for the services discussed. This summary is not a warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before a contract is executed.


SABRE Financial Services (SFS) will continue to meet and exceed your expectations with the highest level of integrity and quality of work with the commitment to this engagement from our four Principals:

  • Blair A. Van Buren, CEBS® President, Lead Corporate Consultant; Securities Licenses Series 7 & 66; CA Insurance License 0E00706; Certified Employee Benefits Specialist® with Retirement Planning Associate (RPA) and Compensation Management Specialist (CMS) Certificates; Over 15 years of industry experience.
  • Shawn M. Warren, VP & Treasurer, Lead Wealth Management Advisor, Securities Licenses Series 6, 7, 63 & 66; Over 20 years of industry experience.
  • Armand “Ari” Fidler, CFP ®, VP & Lead Risk Management & Insurance Services Advisor, Securities Licenses Series 7 & 66; California Insurance License # 0G61855. Certified Financial Planner®. Over 10 years of industry experience.
  • Ryan Badger, VP & Corp Secretary, Lead Financial Planning Advisor, Securities Licenses Series 7 & 66; California Insurance License # 0G88049. Over 10 years of industry experience.


[Close out the proposal with a statement that demonstrates your concern for the client and their needs, your expertise, and your willingness to help them solve the issues in question. Include any expected next steps and note the ways they can get in touch with you.]

We look forward to working with CLIENT NAME HERE and supporting your practice to continue to grow and thrive, for the benefit of yourselves, your families, your employees, and the clients you serve. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your existing plans and programs, as well as new strategies and options that we will explore together as outlined in this proposal.

If you have questions on this proposal, feel free to contact <Name> at your convenience by email at <Email address> or by phone at <Telephone>. We will be in touch with you next week to arrange a follow-up conversation on the proposal.

Thank you for your consideration,